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With Valentine's Day swiftly approaching, it's easy to get bummed out about your relationship status unless you're happily in love, in which case ugh. But those of you bold enough to voice your romantic woes aloud know there's one thing that makes being single especially unbearable: constantly receiving dating advice from your friends and family. A whopping 65 percent of singles said they think dating advice isn't useful. When it's coming from a trusted source who A knows the whole story and B has your best interests at heart, of course there's no harm in listening to the advice and then evaluating whether or not to take it to heart.

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Needless to say, there's plenty of bad dating advice to go around. While it's true that dating takes effort and you won't see results unless you get out of your comfort zone , it's kinda irritating to have someone tell you to "put yourself out there. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically.

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20 LA online dating clichés and what they actually mean

Posting provocative pics showing their ass and tits. Newsflash, you are going to attract what you present. Granted, some guys are going to ask for sex no matter how your profile looks but if a lot of your pics are of that nature, you are going to attract all the cockroaches. Your list made me feel really basic.

Yes that is the point. Almost all of these apply to every human being. They are so generic and painting with broad strokes. It's all pretty basic human stuff.

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#3: 20 LA online dating clichés and what they actually mean

You are not basic, you probably have some other stuff going on which is fun and non-basic :. Ive never super liked anyone on purpose but I leave that out of my profile lol.

It seems both men AND women write the same old tired cliches in their profiles then :D. Always a mention of some form of alcohol All you have to say is 'mother'. But I think we can generally agree that arranged marriages and high school romances are not the practical way to find lasting love for everyone.

The same goes for sex with someone you barely know. If you're looking for something serious, trust that if he or she is the right person for you, they will take the time to get to know you first.

Immediately following a breakup or a promising new relationship that fizzles out before it even begins, this statement can feel like ice-cold comfort in January. However, the truth is, at the very least, every experience we have has lessons to teach us if we are willing to look.

5 Killer Profile Tips Proven To Boost Your Results On Dating Apps!

We might learn the hard way that some of our behaviors have poor consequences. Or that we should listen to our gut instincts when a feeling inside is telling us that something isn't right. We might be able to finally recognize a destructive pattern of behavior that's been sabotaging our love life. The truth is, no matter how painful an experience might be, it might have been just the wake up call that you needed to make a different decision in the future. But it is proven to be true over and over again. There is nothing that disqualifies you from being lovable. We are all good enough to find love.