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This is the only vedic astrology tools, annual forecast, mangal dosh, vedic astrology blogs manglik dosha. This is based on your zodiac sign. Read our astrology using no. The koota analyzed as kundali and offline.

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It emphasizes more on while matchmaking. It emphasizes more on assisting astrologer rather than becoming best astrologers usually advice manglik free online astrology using no. Generate a free janam patri and time of janam kundli on while matchmaking horoscopes and non-manglik marriage. There is the best for matchmaking, gun milan online, predictions, marriage should not get free janam patri and remedies, lok sabha elections If nadi Nakshatra is faultfree though Tara Shuddi may not be there even then the marriage would be auspicious or happy.

If brides Rashi is fifth from that of the bridegroom, or alternately bridegrooms Rashi is ninth from that of the bride, then such a marriage would result in blessings with birth of sons and grandsons. Bhakoot is one of the Mahadoshas carrying 7 points, being next only to Nadi Mahadosha with 8 points. Its repurcussions are as bad as of the Nadi Dosha. The purpose of the field study was to ascertain whether in actual life also, these serious effects are experienced fully or even partly, given the enormous changes that have taken place in our lives compared to the past period when these rules were enunciated by ancient sholars of astrology.

A format was devised to obtain information of married couples regarding their date, time and place of birth, date of marriage, options for reporting their married life quality out of excellent, good, average, below average or bad, birth of children, major accident operation or serious illness sufferred by husband, wife or children or any other vital information about their married life. Data was obtained from married couples and Bhakoot Dosha was looked into.

Out of couples, 92 of them had Bhakoot Dosha. They were further segregated into 3 types viz. But on the contrary If average is also clubbed up with Excellent and Good category cases, the percentage goes upto The cancellation of Bhakoot Dosha has been taken on the basis of mutual friendship of Rashi lords or there being a common Rashi lord of husband and wife. But there is no significant difference in the results where Bhakoot Dosha was not cancelled. But here also the facts are different. In this case there is oppreciable difference between the categories where Dosha was cancelled and where dosha was not cancelled because Cancellation of Dosha was based upon mutual friendship of Rashi lords or same planet being Rashi lord for both husband and wife.

This is shown in the table below:. The percentages calculated in the above table are based upon the consolidated cases under different categories as given below:. In one case, marriage took place in , in another marriage was done in and 3 years had passed since marriage when survey was done. Only one accidental death took place out of 35 cases. On the basis of the foregoing analysis of real life cases of Bhakoot Dosha. I am inclined, to conclude that whatever serious ill effects are mentioned in the classical Muhurta Granthas, the same could not be verified in actual lives.

Despite Bhakoot Dosha, a good majority of the couples were leading a happy and successful married life. Cancellation or non-cancellation of Bhakoot Dosha was also immaterial. The sample size of this field study was moderate. I urge upon the serious students of astrology to conduct similar studies at their level on larger scale so as to establish the truth about popular perceptions of Ashtakoot Milan parameters.

I also appeal to the Panchang publishers, writers and software makers of astrology to add back the Gunas or points of Mahadoshas in the Guna Milan Tables, when anyone of them gets cancelled as per established principles. This would be of immense value for those sections of general public, who rely completely on match making, software or Ashtakoot Milan table for a 'Yes' or No on a marriage proposal out of their seer ignorance, instead of consulting a qualified astrologer.

In mundane astrology the results of countrie Sitting on golden chariot, guide to all, enlightened Lord Sun gives light to all directions and rema Lal Kitab, originally published in urdu language, enshrines such effective astrological principles a Miscellaneous articles on other related topics of occult sciences Those people who are not beginners rather have sufficient knowledge about astrology can further upgr Astrology is most popular system of prediction used extensively and widely all over the world from a Chinese astrology revolves around Chinese zodiac which is a 12 year cycle.

कुंडली मिलान से नहीं, इसे मिलाकर करें विवाह, वरना 36 गुण मिलने पर भी होगा तलाक ,नाड़ी दोष उपाय

Each year of this 12 year This Mantra be recited for times. Surya Namaskar is a must in the morning and Pooja of Surya be Life and Problems go hand in hand.

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Human is always in search of remedies to come out of the problems The same holds for making this calculation from Sagittarius to Cancer, which gives us the number 8. Similarly, if the Moon sign of the girl is Gemini and the Moon sign or Bhakoot of the boy is Taurus, a combination of is formed between the Moon signs, and Bhakoot Dosh is again formed in match making.


Bhakoot Dosha & Married Life

Likewise, Bhakoot Dosh of is formed in match making if Moon sign or Bhakoot of boy is Taurus and Moon sign or Bhakoot of girl is Virgo, which make a relation of which again forms Bhakoot Dosh. It is said that Bhakoot Dosh of formed in match making can make the couple suffer from extreme poverty and the financial equation of such couple is not likely to improve throughout their lives.

Bhakoot Dosh of which is also called navam pancham Bhakoot Dosh in Vedic astrology is said to delay or deny the production or generation of children. It is believed by many astrologers that the presence of Bhakoot Dosh is very bad for child birth. Bhakoot Dosh of which is also called shadashtak Bhakoot Dosh in Vedic astrology is said to cause divorce or the death of one or both the partners, if such boy and girl choose to marry despite the formation of this Dosh during match making.

The system of Gun Milan also lays some rules of exception, which means that Bhakoot Dosh is said to be cancelled or nullified in match making, if any one of the following conditions is met:. If the Lord of Moon Signs or Rashis of boy and girl is the same in both the horoscopes, Bhakoot Dosh is said to be nullified. For example Bhakoot Dosh is said to be nullified in case of Aries-Scorpio and Taurus-Libra combination; and Bhakoot Dosh is said to be nullified in case of Capricorn-Aquarius combination.

Matchmaking kundli

If the Lords of Moon Signs of boy and girl are friendly towards each other, Bhakoot Dosh is said to be nullified. For example, a combination of Pisces-Aries and Aries-Sagittarius is said to cancel this defect as both Jupiter and Mars are friendly towards each other. However it should be noted that for this condition to meet, both the planets should be friendly towards each other. For example, Bhakoot Dosh will not be cancelled according to this rule, in case one of the natives has Moon sign as Leo and the other one has Moon sign as Virgo.

This is due to the fact that Mercury is friendly towards Sun but Sun is neutral towards Mercury. Hence this defect will not be cancelled as only one of the two Moon sign lords is friendly towards the other whereas the second one is neutral towards the first one. Moving ahead, the system of Gun Milan assigns 7 Gunas or points to Bhakoot and the formation of Bhakoot Dosh in match making means that the couple has scored 0 out of 7 Gunas for Bhakoot match.