24 year old guy dating 19 year old

My opinion was u stick with people ur own age because its just wrong dating younger people. And her opinion was that older guys are just looking to get in her pants and arnt looking for a real relationship. Well we had been friends for years and talked occasionally and one day we started talking over the internet as friends and found we had the same interests and we got along great.

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One thing led to another and we decided we would give dating a try. We live in Canada and the age of consent is not a problem it is perfectly legal that isnt my problem. Her mother at first was not ok with it but began to get to know me and is completely ok with it and i come over regularly and visit her mom and her sisters and even take her sisters to the movies for fun time to relieve her mom of some stress.

Before we met each other we had failing relationships and now we have been dating, nothing could be better.

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  • Im also having a big problem with my friends talking about this behind my back and making fun of the situation. Share Share this post on Digg Del.

    24 year old dating a 19 year old girl? - waihaplamicto.ml Forums

    Why does your age difference bother you so much? If you are happy, then nothing else matters. Don't let such a small thing come between yourselves. It is so rare to find someone that you can be happy with I wouldn't be much concerned about what other people say, either.

    Don't let it affect how you feel. You said sex hasn't happened yet but I dunno Something tells me though neither of you will wait that long It's human nature. Bet you're glad you don't live in Ireland, eh? Think about it, you are ready to settle down because you have 4 years of experience over your girl and your girl is into you now because she is 4 years behind you in experience.

    Has she dated anyone else? Age aint nothing but a number but it does amount for life experience. I dont disagree that you guys love each other, but she's dude Dont deny yourselves of opportunites. I hope that you are the couple that beats all of the doubters but the odds are against you. My advice is if ya'll truly wanna make a commitment Just expect your friends to make jokes if they find out her age.

    Remember u knew from the start how old she was. Where is your honor?.. Like all pure blooded Saiyans, Kakarot would rather die fighting than win with one of those disgraceful senzu beans as his crutch. Kakarot trained in the hyperbolic time chamber just as we did; now let's see what he can do. The tasteful thickness of it.

    Oh my God, it even has a watermark Originally Posted by Jabroni Owl sweaters inside her luggage you gotta love it. There is no problem with it at all. I know two couples.


    One couple she is 21 and he is The other couple, she is 20 and he is No problem with it. They're both married now and one couple has a kid and wants another one. I draw the line at Me 21, gf 17, my friend is same as u 24 , her gf 19, so no. And, if they have children, most likely she will be left with the youngest one or two to marry off.

    Especially the ones who mistreated me or my children! I hate them, hate them, hate them! Im sure there are those who hate me… What can I say?!? Now, please take out your magic wand, Sac. Now, how would you suggest singles in the frum community meet, starting today?


    I'm a 19 year old boy and i'm dating a 25 year old girl

    Midwest2 β€” Another angle: These are the women who cause the early demise of the man. My grandfather outlived my grandmother by a few years and he was sick first. And they were the same age. There are good women out there. Divorced guy β€” if you are 36, I sincerely hope you are not trying to date girls in their early-mid twenties.

    And just to let you know, many girls, aged , whom I know personally, who go to Singles events, DETEST it when divorced guys in the group hit on them. It totally creeps them out that a guy that much older than they, is trying to get their number. Nothing wrong with a guy marrying a girl half his age. With friends and family as shadchanim, like most people do and the vast majority of shidduchim come from.

    This is the preferred torah way. Your definition of being polite, only causes the male to keep trying, and then this causes the female to build up more resentment. Just to clarify, are you saying that any woman who outlives a husband of similar age caused him to die? Reality is when my phone rings all evening and my kids after school have to help with the phones. Reality is going to bed with a stomach ache knowing how many people are counting on you and wondering how you will possibly manage to get to everyone.

    Do u think its fun going to a wedding and not taking a seat. Why should people pay for me when I barely can sit down. I miss my chance to catch up with friends at a wedding. The pay certainly stinks. The typical extremely busy shadchan makes MAYBE 10 shidduchim a year and max from both sides totals 3k per shidduch which almost never happens. That is most certainly NOT worth the bother it takes. It is very clear from my wording that I have a problem with Shadchanim who treat girls like merchandise. It is those Shadchanim that should be applauded!

    The ones that keep trying, even though they may not have gotten it right on the first few tries. The Shadchanim who care enough to return calls and emails. The ones who realize that being single is hard enough without making you feel like they are doing you the worlds biggest favor by speaking to you, these are Shadchanim deserving the title Shadchan.

    The people who tell you to leave messages on their machines only to get the recording that the mailbox is full. The ones that label a girls worth by her fathers bank account. The ones who charge up front. So dont tell me its thankless and youre overworked, because thats your job. Most people in America will tell you that they feel under appreciated and under compensated at work, but this is the profession you chose.

    What Is With These Grown Men Dating 19-Year-Olds? (Besides the Obvious)

    Wow, you have really taken on a hot topic! But simply put, to me, it is your motive. If your answer for dating someone so much younger is something you hesitate to post; then it is obvious you are wrong for doing so. Log into your account.


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