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The touch-and-turn interface of TouchMix allows for tactile control over fader and mixer parameters while also providing a hardware connection to mixer functions. Mixer functions and displays are duplicated via iOS or Android devices over Wi-Fi, providing both portable, wireless connectivity as well as additional control surfaces of mixer functionality.

Powering Condenser Mics

With firmware version 1. Auto Mixers are most commonly used for speech applications such as conferences, presentations or panel discussions in which there are multiple talkers and multiple microphones.

An Auto Mixer will reduce feedback and minimize extraneous noise such as paper rustling from panelists or HVAC by allocating gain to microphone channels with active talkers while reducing the gain of unused channels. Please see Hosa HXX product page for more information. You like this Be the first of your friends to like this.

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Authorized Dealer of most products. An alternative solution is to connect the shell to pin 1 and the shield through a small value capacitor, providing RF shielding but allowing very little audio-frequency current to flow. This capability can be built into a fixed jack or a cable terminated with XLR connectors. The standard signal flow for audio in XLR connectors is that the output is a male connector and the input is female.

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In other words, the pins on the plug point in the direction of signal flow. This is the opposite of power connector standards which normally use female connectors for outputs, a convention influenced by the need to prevent accidental contact with dangerous voltages.

However, the voltages of microphone and line level audio signals are not hazardous. The male XLR is usually incorporated in the body of a microphone. The most common standard is for pin 1 to be ground and pin 4 to be 12 volts nominal , with pins 2 and 3 unused. This configuration is used on most professional video cameras and is also common on audio equipment designed for location use.

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The standard pinout for four-pin XLR headsets is: The five-pin XLR is the standard connector for DMX , the most common protocol for controlling professional lighting and related equipment. These are electrically compatible with a simple jumpering 1—1, 2—2, 3—3 between them. Chassis Ground Pin 2: Power Ground Pin 3: Negative Voltage Typically volts or volts Pin 5: Where XLR connectors are used for DC power, the genders are reversed with respect to their standard use for line-level and mic-level audio.

Typically, audio signals on XLR connectors "follow the pin," such that a male connector is an output and a female connector is an input. In most power applications not just XLR connectors the female connector is the output and the male connector is the input. This makes accidental contact with live parts less likely. In audio devices it also prevents accidental application of DC power to signal inputs. At one time three-pin XLR connectors were also used extensively on loudspeaker cables, as when first introduced they represented a new standard of ruggedness, and economic alternatives were not readily available.

Often, two-conductor loudspeaker cable had three-pin female connectors on both ends, to distinguish it from a three-conductor shielded signal level cable, which has a female connector at one end and a male at the other. Either pin 2 or 3 was live, depending on the manufacturer, with pin 1 always the 'earthy' return. This usage is now both obsolete and dangerous to equipment but is still sometimes encountered, especially on older equipment. For example, some loudspeakers have a built-in male connector as an input connector for speaker-level signal.

This use was superseded in professional audio applications by the Neutrik Speakon connector. Some microphones such as condenser microphones require power. An alternative to battery power is phantom power, which consists of direct current applied equally through the two signal lines of a balanced audio connector , usually a three-pin XLR connector. The supply voltage is referenced to the ground pin of the connector pin 1 of an XLR , which normally is connected to the cable shield or a ground wire in the cable or both.

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Phantom power is usually supplied at a nominal 48 volts DC, although lower voltages are permissible and modern microphones will often operate over a wide range. It is common for modern mixers to have a built-in switch-operated volt power supply which supplies all mic inputs with phantom power, thus eliminating the need for bulky external supplies on individual mics.

XLD plugs and sockets are used mostly in professional audio and video electronics cabling applications. A connector with the coding key installed will not mate with a connector that does not have the matching groove.

Choosing the Correct Input

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Do XLR to USB Cables Work?

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