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People also tend to expect online dating to be easier than it actually is, and then grow a cynicism that quickly becomes a self-reinforcing cycle. It is not easy. This is naturally very disappointing, and a challenge to keep from internalizing! Which brings us to the question: My heart is too bruised from bad dating experiences and I like hanging out with you but I need to heal my heart with time and therapy and long walks in the woods by myself and not by jumping into another relationship.

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If I develop feelings for you I will immediately burst into confetti because I have had a curse placed on me by an evil wizard that prevents me from falling in love, and the price of love is turning into confetti. I am good at dating if it is the emotional equivalent of eating as many cream puffs as fit on my fingers. What does this actually mean? Some folks do this to avoid talking about their intentions or feelings, and while these are scary and uncertain skills to practice, they are also necessary.

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What does "dating but nothing serious" mean?

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