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Social trails way behind. No matter how you spin it — people used email, use email and will keep using email to store and share important information with each other. You need to understand pixel fires and meta code, lookalike audiences and demographic targeting nuances, mobile vs desktop breakdown and be familiar with roughly 74 types of different ad placements 73 of which are as useless as tits on a bull.

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Unlike other methods, where driving traffic becomes the sole purpose of your day-to-day routine, solo ads take almost no time to manage. After discovering solo ads as a traffic source, he followed the perfect funnel framework I shared in the 1st part of this Ultimate Guide To Solo Ads to build a high-converting information product sales funnel that broke even or made a profit on almost every solo ad he run.

Solo Ads = Email Traffic

Dennis recorded this case study video on September 20th This creates an opportunity for you to operate with virtually zero competition. It creates an issue for beginners who would like to buy solo ads without being scammed for whatever little money they have. Solo ads are the gasoline. The quality of the fuel is a critical component for anyone who wants to get the most oomph out of their red stallion.

I compiled this list through years of testing. I cut the fat, leaving only the best sources in terms of price-quality ratio and trust.

Solo Ads in Dating Niche?

Even the most hardcore media buyers get conned every now and again. But it dramatically lowers your risk. Same goes for Solo Ads Facebook groups. Another place to stay away. Ignore my counsel at your own peril.

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Internet marketing, biz opp, self-help, forex, dating, weight loss, and a great place to buy solo ads for beginners. You can go as low as 50 clicks or as high as several thousand clicks per day. In addition, you can even play them against each other to arm-twist them into discounting your traffic. The choice can be overwhelming, though.

All solo ad sellers sort of lookalike, make similar claims and charge a similar price. Also examine how responsive the solo ad provider is in responding to questions in the thread. WarriorForum solo ad sellers are expected to respond the same day. Often within the hour. Your Message can look something like this:.

Some solo ad sellers use WarriorForum as an advertising platform, but prefer to talk to customers on Facebook. But if you run into trouble, you can submit a complaint by posting to their thread and the mods may step in. Arcamax is a content directory with a large audience. It offers advertising spots within its content in a wide variety of niche markets — big and small.

This is a huge publishing company. Approach them as if you were buying an advertising spot in a large circulation newspaper. Because you sort of are. Give them a call at: They are great solo ad sellers.

If you happen to be pushing a political agenda or if you do better with a demographic that matches the political views of any of these sites, give JWRA a shot. You can give them a call and ask to have the agency look up a publisher for you. Or you can search for a specific list here. Huge lead directory broken down to all imaginable categories such as religion, income level, geography, reading preferences, sports fans and a million other characteristics. May not be a great fit for solo ad beginners. Cross-select your demographics and psychographics for ultra-targeted lists.

Nextmark is the Google of lists. It offers highly-specific email lists, phone lists and address lists. You can get very specific Nextmark. Nextmark represents thousands of list owners. The targeting level is insane. I promise, you never seen anything like it. Most traffic brokers in the solo ad niche resell traffic you can easily get yourself at a markup.

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Traffic For Me is the only solo ad broker I trust. They offer what no other solo ad broker can — access to lists that are off the solo ad market. T4M offers a self-serving interface. Just run your order through the website. Go to each site and scan through to see if they asking for an email address, giving away a free report or selling some kind of digital golf product from there site. This takes about 10 seconds on each site but sometimes you may have to look a bit harder to find there opt in form. Remember there is no rush with this method but of course you dont want to spend 15 mins on each site. Look at this site below, it does have an opt in form so there building a list but it was right at the bottom of the post.

If it doesnt then they are not worth contacting When you contact the site own you need to come across as professional and not some idiot trying to make a quick buck. Emal them and ask them if they would like to receive your New golf digital product for FREE , I would be very surprised if most do not contact you if you are offering them a Free product.

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Now I am not in the golf niche but this is just an example of the type of message to write. I always start the message with there name or site name so that they know its not from some mass email bot lol. I thought I would drop you a quick message to see if it would be ok if I buy some advertisment off you? Now ok its not perfect and I havent really taken lots of time to write it but I think you can get my point. At this point your only trying to get a response and then you can take things from there. If they like the sound of it and you begin talking more than you need to ask them these.

The best way rather than just believe what they say is ask for a screen shot of there last few emails that they have sent out so that you can see the open rates, click rates and how many people the email was sent to. For instance if they average clicks within the email on an average mail out then that is going to be clicks to your squeeze page seeing your free offer.

I always end up paying much less however all niches vary slightly. Basically the better sales funnel you have the more profitable you can make your campaigns. Then your in business because they will be building your buyers list for free and you will still make money on the back end if you have one which I hope you will have. Its been a very long blog post but I hope you can see how easy it is to find solo ads in other niches. Enter your name and email below to get instant free access. I will never give away, trade or sell your email address. NOW — get out there and start building your list!

Check out Build my List. I really enjoy your website. You are such a great guy!! Just hoping to avoid that in the future. Thanks for your kind words! As for why they may not respond? Hey Jeff, great stuff.